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Welcome Aboard

At Truth Aquatics, your Captain and crew will do everything in their power to make your trip an enjoyable one. This Short briefing describes some features of Truth Aquatics liveaboard dive boats and the best way to utilize them. Please take a few minutes and read this as it includes valuable safety information as well. Truth Aquatics maintains a “hands off” policy for our diving customers. What this means is that who you dive with, how deep you go, or how long you stay is your business. Our crews are there for you to assist in any way we can but we do not monitor your personal diving habits. Certified divers are required to have the training necessary to dive safely, but for any reason you are uncomfortable making a particular dive, for whatever reason, do not hesitate to sit it out. Please see our “Responsible Diver” placard.

The Boat

Lifesaving Equipment

All lifesaving equipment including lifejackets, and rafts are located on the sundeck behind the wheelhouse. Should the need arise, this is where a crewman will be passing out the equipment. Please review the placard located in each bunk for proper donning of jackets.


Everyone is welcome into the galley with their wetsuits on and dripping wet. However, we do ask that you remove your hard equipment (tanks, and weightbelts) before entering.

In the morning, when you grab a cup, please put your name on it with a dry - erase pen provided by the boat. This will allow you to identify your cup to be used for the trip.

We recognize that many people have special dietary needs so please inform the galley staff early of the first morning of any special requests.

Meals will be served at the following times:

Breakfast is served from 7 – 9 a.m. If you like to sleep in, there is always a variety of cereals, pastries, and fruit that will be left out until 10:30 a.m.

Lunch is served from 12 – 1 p.m. If you would like to dive at that time, please understand that the Galley staffs have to move on to other jobs. We would be more than happy to help you put a plate off to the side, just ask.

Dinner is usually served at 6 p.m.

Bunk Room

Please do not smoke below decks. We also ask that you do not go into the bunk are wet! Try to bring up those items you may need throughout the day. Remember your bunk number so you can ask someone dry to get that something you may have forgotten.

Shower Room

The shower room is located down the forward staircase on the Vision and Conception and in the stern compartment on the Truth. Please do your part to help conserve our on board fresh water supply by limiting yourself to one shower a day and not rinsing your gear in the shower.

Drying Room

This room is located at the back of the boat accessible from the Main Deck. This is where you can hang your wetsuit to dry anytime you like. Warm air delivered from the engine room heats this area. There is also a clothes dryer for your towels and bathing suits. Please no wetsuits. Have courtesy to those with dried clothes, please take out and put them on top of the dryer.

Kayak Rack

A kayak rack is provided for out-of-the-way storage of your kayak. Please ask one of the crew members to help in taking the kayaks off and on the rack. Please inform the crew about where you are planing to go and how long you will be gone. Flotation devices and wetsuits are recommended for protection from exposure. The boat is equipped with extra life jackets, please ask. For safety reasons we ask that you not hand anything from the kayak rack so that visibility is not hampered.

The Diving

Scuba Tank Refills

Simply place your tank in the tank rack, remove the regulator from your tank, and place a red tag (that can be found at the stern of the boat on either side of the fill panel) over the tank valve. When the tag is removed the tank should be filled. Please check that you have a full tank. Accidents happen, tags fall off, etc…

Bottom times

Bottom times are up to you. Please keep a dive profile of yourself, because there is a lot of repetitive diving and you can acquire a high nitrogen level. Should you need paper to run a dive profile, please see a crewman. Dive safe, dive fun, and we’ll all have fun.

Buddy Diving or Solo

Buddy teams are recommended but the teams need to follow properly trained procedures in order to be safe. You should have a buddy set up prior to the dive trip, as Truth Aquatics cannot be responsible for doing so. We do not have Dive Masters onboard who dive with guests, but we do have Safety Divers ready to assist in the event of an emergency. Truth Aquatics allows solo diving for those who have further training and are comfortable with the conditions at the time. 

Medical Treatment

Many offshore locations are remote and a long distance from medical treatment. You need to dive conservatively and advise the crew before diving of any pre-existing medical conditions. If at any time of the trip you require oxygen then you will need immediate medical treatment. This will require either a Coast Guard evacuation or the vessel to stop the day’s activity and return to port. All divers are strongly encouraged to carry DAN insurance prior to diving.

Swimstep and Boarding Ramp

This is where you will board the boat after your dive. When seas are rough, please take extra caution boarding the ramp. The ramp tends to bounce up in down in ocean swells. Please come up on your hands and knees, there will be a crew member to assist you with your camera, spear, fins, etc. Also located on the swimstep are circulating salt water wells, designed for storing and keeping your game. Please just mark your bag and stow it in one of the wells until you are ready to clean it or go home.

Game Preparation and Storage

Anyone planning on taking fish or game must have a current California Fish and Game license with the appropriate stamps. Fish and game conservation is something everyone should be aware of. Be conservative, ask questions about what is good to eat. Good rules of thumb, if you don’t know what it is don’t shoot it! Most species of game have different size and quantity limits. It is your responsibility to know these rules. If you are unsure please ask a crew person or consult the F&G regulations posted in the galley. The filet board will be set anytime it is needed. There are plastic bags, and a freezer in the drying room for your catch. Please ID your bag with the marker and tape provided at the freezer.

Night Dive

You must have a cylume stick (chem light), or an acceptable alternate light emitting device, preferably attached to your tank valve. After your dives night and day, make sure to place your equipment back in your bag. Be neat. It gives everyone more room and your less likely to lose your equipment in sudden gusts of winds.

Underwater Recall

This siren will sound off in an emergency. We ask that you surface as quickly as possible while still maintaining a safe ascent, then look towards the boat for one of two signals from a crewman. One, will be two hands straight in the air to indicate “hold position”. At times we may need to maneuver the boat around you and will ask you to hold position. The other signal is waving of the arm toward the boat indicating “return” to the boat as quickly as is possible. Under no circumstances do we want you to go back beneath the surface of the water. It is imperative that we can account for everyone’s position.

Current Line and Diving with Wind

Weather and sea conditions dictate where we dive. Our two most prominent conditions are wind and current.
Wind has quite an effect on the boat while at anchor. It will cause the boat to swing back and forth in a large sweeping arc, much like a pendulum on a clock. Always try to time your entry so that the boat will be swinging away from you after entry. This is especially important around kelp. Always jump in with your regulator in your mouth and your mask on your face. That way, if the boat does swing near you, you can simply swim under it. The same applies when you are returning to the boat: mask on your face, regulator in you mouth. When currents run we will deploy the current line over the side. It is a long yellow line with white floats every 15 feet with a large orange float attached at the end. You should always begin your dive swimming into the current, however if you have misjudged it and surfaced down current. Look for the current line, or to the crew for directions to the line. Swim to the line and pull yourself back to the boat hand over hand. It is important to make sure the line is not tangled on any piece of your equipment. Continuously look down around your waist for tangles.

Very Important

Last but not least, the captain will speak on the P.A. about each dive site regard bottom conditions, depth of water, current, etc. Please take a minute, stop all conversations about the five foot lobster with claws, and LISTEN. These announcements contain important information.

Let's have fun and be safe
Compliments of your crew